Creamy Sheet Mask Serum

The creamy serum is a 100% natural origin sheet mask serum, which acts on skin health and only contains essential actives and no perfume to be as natural as its formulation. The creamy serum is preservative-free and COSMOS compliant.

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Product headline

The creamy serum is a 100% natural origin sheet mask serum, which acts on skin health and only contains essential actives and no perfume to be as natural as its formulation. The creamy serum is preservative-free and COSMOS compliant.

Product - Description

If sheet mask serums are usually made with an aqueous base, the creamy serum is an emulsion. Thanks to this emulsion, the skin benefits from a nourishing treatment acting effectively on skin textural problems (redness, drying skin, tugging sensation…). As a result, the skin is better hydrated and repaired. Made from ingredients with 100% natural origin, the creamy serum is particularly adapted for sensitive skin suffering from discomfort. Moreover this formula contains no perfume and is preservative-free.

Product benefits

Richer in terms of texture than standard watery sheet masks serums, the creamy serum can be used only once a week as a repairing and an anti-ageing care. Thanks to its creamy texture and its active ingredient Healthyskin, this serum intensively acts on skin texture, soothing, hydrating (+16.50%) and softening the skin; but also giving it a visible healthier and younger appearance. The barrier function is restored, the skin renewal process is boosted and the skin microrelief decreased. In addition, this creamy serum restores the comfort and the skin health by balancing the skin microbiota.

Technical details

Texture: Contrary to water serums for sheet mask, the milky texture serum is obtained thanks to an emulsion. This type of serum intensely moisturizes at skin surface and creates a smooth and supple texture. Naturalness: this serum has been formulated with ingredients that are 100% from natural origin according to the ISO 16128 norm. Actives: this serum contains Healthyskin the first marine active ingredient obtained by a green process of algae polysaccharide hydrolysis. IMPREGNATE AN EMULSION INSIDE A NON-WOVEN MASK: The creamy sheet mask serum is innovative by its formulation but also by the process of sheet mask manufacturing that has been developed to soak sheet mask with this new type of serum. Indeed, thanks to a specific formulation associated to a mask manufacturing technology, Lessonia has been able to develop a process to soak sheet masks with an emulsion. Until that, the standard sheet masks materials were only soaked with watery serums.

What makes this product so special?

More than its smooth and milky texture, the creamy serum is the only creamy sheet mask serum that is from 100% natural origin ingredients. A technology of mask has been specially developed to avoid the use of preservatives in the sheet masks while preserving the efficacy of the active ingredients. Thanks to this method, Lessonia has been able to develop a formula with natural origin ingredients while keeping excellent results to the challenge tests. It answers to the demand of customers for more natural formulations but also for new pleasant texture.

How does it relate to the story?

As a European leader of sheet masks manufacturing, Lessonia is conscious of the impact of its products on the environment and tries to reduce its negative impact on nature. As a result, Lessonia has developed solutions to offer natural formulations (up to 100% of ingredients from natural origin according to the ISO 16128 norm). Moreover, this creamy serum has been formulated thanks to one core active ingredient Healthyskin. Healthyskin is born from the algae transformation technology which is the historical ingredient of Lessonia (Lessonia is by the way the name of an algae).

Why the product/formulation is innovative?

This serum formulation is innovative as it offers the first creamy sheet mask serum being made from 100% natural origin ingredients according to the ISO norm 16128, with no preservatives (known to entail skin irritations and tingling feeling), no perfume and COSMOS compliant. Moreover, it contains an innovative marine active Healthyskin: the scientific translation of the new ageing concept “the healthy ageing”. Healthyskin has been obtained thanks to a patented green manufacturing process of enzymatic hydrolysis. It is the first active ingredient from hydrolysis of algae polysaccharide. Compared to the chemical hydrolysis usually used in the cosmetic industry, this enzymatic process is eco-friendly, with no use of solvents or reagents and no waste of production. In addition, Healthyskin is preservative-free, COSMOS validated and from 100% natural origin. The creamy serum contains also a probiotic active which protects the skin microbiota by stimulating the antimicrobial defences and the development of the skin beneficial flower.