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Phytochemical Chlorophylin Perfect Whip Foam

Delicate, yet elastic sensroy of Super Whip Bubble features Green Power Complex and Anti-pollution to rescue skin in mousse form.

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Product headline

Delicate, yet elastic sensroy of Super Whip Bubble features Green Power Complex and Anti-pollution to rescue skin in mousse form.

Product - Description

Consist of Coreana exclusive patent ingredients: mung bean extract and lilicum religiosum extract, Green Power Complex protects skin from external harmful factors to return skin to its original beauty. Elastic super whip bubble cares skin without irritation and make skin fresh and lively.

Product benefits

Super Elastic Soap Technology maintains foamed bubble for an hour and when rolling, wealthy micro feeling bubble cleanses skin inside and out deeply. Natural Anti-Acne ingredient contained in the micro bubble helps to remove troubles on skin and exclusive Green Power Complex makes skin lively to provide skin care effect even when cleansing.

Technical details

Super Elastic Soap Technology : Transparent liquid type neutralized fatty acid maintains pH level to minimize irritation and secured formula stability. Classified as EWG(Environmental Working Group) Green grade to prove safety of the formula.

What makes this product so special?

Not only cleanses skin thoroughly, contained exclusive patent ingredients provide skin care effect while cleansing and Super Whip Bubble is formed from Super Elastic Soap Technology. Contained mung bean extract is the evidence of Coreana Cosmetics’ 30 years of R&D experience and proves its class. The mung bean extract itself has 14 Korean patents and 2 oveseas patents in one ingredient. This technology and the history is what makes this product special.

How does it relate to the story?

Green reminds safety and serenity. EWG green grade proves the product is safe product. Not only the product itself falls into the EWG Green, it only used ingredients which are listed as EWG Green Grade. Hence, Green Grade ingredients are gathered to make the product green grade. Also, contained ingredients including Green Power Complex are obtained from the “Green” plants mainly. These green plants such as mung bean, Phytoncide and chlorophylin are the plants and ingredients brings serenity to your skin. These are the reasons why this product is “Green” formula.

Why the product/formulation is innovative?

Due to the pollution such as fine dust and yellow dust, now risk of external harmful factors have increased. These external harmful factors hurt skin and influences moisture, wrinkles, and brightening of skin in bad ways. Hence, we believe go back to the basic and focus on the cleansing even more. Mung bean extract (16 patents) is the history of Coreana Cosmetics and consisting of Phytochemica Phyocide, chlorophylin and lilicum religiosum extract, Green Powder Complex provides Green Power to skin. In addition, application of EWG Green Grade Super Whip Bubble with Super Elastic Soap Technology, presents one and only most elastic, an hour lasting delicate mousse type cleansing foam.