Paying tribute to Cosmoprof’s expertise, the 3-dimensional letter “C” brings to life the Cosmoprof awards trophies. The lines are elegant and refined with delicate features. When the trophies are put side-by-side, it subtly forms the Cosmo award symbol.

Made from white ceramic with metallic touches, the trophies bring to mind skincare codes and values. The pure nature of the ceramic and the chic lines of the metallic details in black and rose gold are the perfect combination to illustrate the cosmetics industries. 

Get ready for the Awards Ceremony! 

The two trophies have been created to honor and reward two talent categories: innovation and beauty. 

The black metallic-detailed trophy rewards the innovation category. The black color recalls the strength and power of the formula as well as innovative technologies in the beauty industry. The rose gold decorated statuette is attributed to the best finished products.


The trophies represent the complimentary aspect of all the professions and skills in the cosmetics industry. The birth of each new product stems from the collaboration between several sectors and this is what we wished to represent by allowing the two trophies to interlock like the pieces of a puzzle. 

With their minimalist yet perfectly contemporary shape, the trophies bring to mind the purity and efficiency that is desired from cosmetics products today.



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